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  Web Development

Web development is a highly technical term as it involves developing a website for the internet/intranet that is to carry out an online business or a service. Web development does not end when you are done completing the construction of a website. Web development means to maintain and run the website so that it is active all the time. It is a very broad term in fact it is a complicated term to be explained.

Web development means to set up a website. In order to set up a website, you need to have a proper web design, search for an appropriate web server or a domain. Web server is something that needs special attention because it is where all the information and data of your website is going to be stored. Hence you will have to take care of the security concerns as well. So, choosing a reliable web server is very important.

Once this is done, you will have to turn your attention towards the website designing part where all those technical skills will come into play. Website design involves the layout, graphics, flash programs, audio/video streaming etc. Web development also involves promoting a website that includes SEO, SMO, internet marketing strategies, Mobile SEO etc. Content development is another aspect of web development.

  At Forthill SEO, we provide custom web development solutions in the following platforms:  
    PHP Development - PHP or the Hypertext Preprocessor is the major scripting language that is used in the web these. Without any hype, hoopla or any kind of advertisement, this particular web development language has grossed over eight million customers. The interesting thing is that almost all of the domains are purely based on PHP technologies. So, in case you are with any ideas of developing a new website, it is highly recommended that you do it in PHP.  
    Joomla Development - If it is content management system then it has to be Joomla. Joomla is a highly popular, in fact an award winning content management system that has been ruling the roost in the recent years. Joomla web development is a way of developing your website by publishing content in the internet. This type of web development involves PHP i.e. Hypertext Preprocessor and MySQL.  
    Volusion Store Development - When it comes to e-commerce or business through online then it has to be a volusion store. Volusion store is the best way to handle any online eCommerce sales as it is versatile and has better user interface. The biggest advantages with Volusion store lies in the fact that it supports lots of other website enhancement features.  
  Web Development Process  
    Custom Design Templates  
    Custom Modules & Components Development  
    Custom Application Development  
    Application Migration and Porting  
    Testing and Validation  
    Application Maintenance  
    Advantage @  
  Benefits that we offer:  
    Shortened application development life cycles  
    Value-based bespoke applications that suit your business objectives  
    Enhanced productivity and competitiveness  
    Reduced IT support costs  

ForthillSeo can help you out in this regard as we have a highly dedicated team of web developers who can take care of all aspects of web development. Forthill SEO is a one stop shop for content and resources specific to developing for the different CMS. Whether you are looking for code samples, technical overviews, documentation, core team updates or any other information you may need on web and CMS development, Forthill SEO is here to help.

For any other information or queries regarding Web Development services provided by ForthillSeo, you can contact us anytime.

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